With total payments of just $13,437, charter schools still owe the students of the LAUSD $13,585,182. Who is responsible for the failure?

“The practice going forward has been made clear…Megan Reilly, the Deputy Superintendent, is responsible for implementing this process.”

- Austin Beutner, September 24, 2019

Just as the LAUSD was shutting down for the Thanksgiving holiday, Jose Cole-Gutierrez’s Charter School Division released its latest summary of the past-due amounts owed…

Melvoin Watch

Palisades High School used to be part of the LAUSD. Shouldn’t breaking free of the district mean that it stands on its own financially?

The only lingering concern about the Palisades proposal is that it could result in more segregation, as the new independent complex draws more local — primarily white — children back from private schools, and pushes out minority students now bused there.

- Los Angeles Times 10/1/1995

The law allowing public…


Kamala Harris becomes the first woman in American history to officially take the reigns of the presidency. What took so long?

“Now there was a time

When they used to say

That behind every great man

There had to be a great woman”

- Eurythmics

Apparently, COVID-19 is not the only health care issue where Trump missed an opportunity to use the bully pulpit of the presidency to save lives. To…

The Unhoused

A local story highlights the different realities experienced by both sides of the political divide. The unhoused are trapped in the truth.

“It is rather for us to be here dedicated to the great task remaining before us — that from these honored dead we take increased devotion to that cause for which they gave the last full measure of devotion — that we here highly resolve that these dead shall not…


LAUSD’s Jose Cole-Guitierrez’s department finds issues at Citizens of the World but provides no consequences. Is it time for his head to roll?

Fiscal mismanagement, that would trigger revocation.”

- Jose Cole-Guitierrez

Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) are the standards by which interested parties are assured that an organization’s records reflect its true financial health. In the case of charter schools, interested parties would include parents who send their children to the school…

Melvoin Watch

When Nick Melvoin accepted a questioner’s premise that parents were labeled “domestic terrorists,” was it a lack of courage or blatant pandering?

We know who you are. We know who you are. You can leave freely, but we will find you and we know who you are. We know who you are.

- School board protester

In the Culture Wars being propagated by the Republican Party, it is often not what is…

Self Reflection

A recurring nightmare has haunted my dreams for years. Has it finally been conquered?

“I’ve traveled the world and the seven seas

Everybody’s lookin’ for something”

- Eurythmics

Shortly after dropping out of college, I began having a recurring dream where I would realize that I had misread my schedule and had missed going to one class for an entire semester. After a torturous…

Defending Public Education

Democrats vastly outnumber Republicans in Los Angeles, but the LAUSD School Board is dominated by those promoting right-wing ideals.

Do not let them get away with saying this is not about free-market competition. This isn’t about equity, this is about bringing free markets into the public sphere.

- Denver School Board Member

On Student-Centered Funding

Photo by Martin Adams on Unsplash

Los Angeles County is a “Sea of Blue” with the number of registered Democrats…

Carl J. Petersen

Parent, special education advocate and former LAUSD School Board candidate. Still fighting for the children. www.ChangeTheLAUSD.com

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