As someone who has followed the LAUSD for years, I must point out some glaring errors in your response:

1) Unfortunately, Student Centered Funding (SCF) lives on. By pulling the vote, Gonez avoided having board members put themselves on record but she did not do anything to stop the bureaucrats from implementing a policy that has not been approved. The board is supposed to dictate policy and the Superintendent is supposed to implement it. For more information see:

2) The Los Angeles Times has a long history of being anti-union. This goes back decades.

3) The education coverage in the LA Times is deeply flawed. This is due in part to their relationship with the late Eli Broad. For a time, he even paid for this coverage establishing a full scale conflict of interest. For more information see:

As an interesting side note, before Austin Beutner failed as the LAUSD Superintendent, he failed at running the Los Angeles Times:

Parent, special education advocate and former LAUSD School Board candidate. Still fighting for the children.

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