• Rachel RamjattanCFRE

    Rachel RamjattanCFRE

    CFRE passionate about helping people & non-profits change the world, nonprofit tech & social media geek, trainer, and writer. Happy wife, mom of 3 and quilter.

  • Liberal Bias

    Liberal Bias

    Assisting traditionally conservative pastors/churches move toward a non-punitive theology. Love covers a multitude..

  • Miho Murai

    Miho Murai

  • BustA Groove

    BustA Groove

  • Heather Poland

    Heather Poland

    A teacher with 10+ years of experience, activist, blogger

  • Albie Prinsloo

    Albie Prinsloo

    Retired gentleman born and bred in beautiful South Africa in the era of separate development. Sad to experience the demise of Africa’s leading economy.

  • Sakshi Mishra

    Sakshi Mishra

    A pharmacist who plays the part of a writer, a poet, and an athlete. http://sakshimishrablogs.blogspot.com/2020/07/moms-magic-ultimate-place-for-strength.html

  • Peter Githua Kibugi

    Peter Githua Kibugi

    A conscientious middle school teacher, leader, life skills coach and writer. I write about topics that impact on everyday life. Follow me for more

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