It is not true that “Heather’s campaign is legally required to have nothing to do with” outside spenders. The law states that she cannot coordinate with those making independent expenditures. This does not prohibit her from publically repudiating their attacks. As I point out in my article on these attacks (, George McKenna told the California Charter School Association that he had no interest in their endorsement after they made these same types of bigoted attacks against Bennett Kayser. As a consultant to Heather Repenning, can you explain why she has not done the same?

I am also interested in seeing an example of an attack against your client that you think is unfair. Of course, I am as likely to see that as proof that Repenning ever held a teaching credential even though she claims to be a “former teacher.”

Finally, since Repenning is not responding to questions, can you tell me what role she played in the efforts to remove Ref Rodriguez from office? Did she make any effort to encourage the LAUSD Board to appoint a temporary member for Board District 5 while the special election was held or was she fine with the children of the District being unrepresented for almost a year?

Parent, special education advocate and former LAUSD School Board candidate. Still fighting for the children.

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