The Trumpification of the 2020 Election

Political campaigns have always bent the truth. In the Age of Trump, they don’t even have to make sense as long as they vilify the opponent.

Carl J. Petersen
7 min readFeb 29, 2020
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“I guarantee you there’s no problem. I guarantee you.

- Trump on the size of his “hands”

We are quickly approaching the four year anniversary of Trump’s takeover of the Republican party. No, March 3, 2016, was not the day that he secured enough delegates to win the nomination. In fact, it was not clear until the actual vote was taken at the convention that party leaders would not be able to save the Grand Old Party from the Wizard of Reality TV. Instead, this was the date that the future president dragged “Little Marco” Rubio into the swamp. Instead of exposing Trump for his lack of knowledge in any subject remotely presidential, the sitting Senator engaged the reality television star on the size of his “hands.” The party of Lincoln that had been birthed in a series of debates had now normalized the use of sexual innuendo and locker room insults. In the depths of the 2020 election season, the virus is spreading again.

Los Angeles City Council District 12

Until January 12, 2020, John Lee was a registered Republican. Realizing how toxic that designation is in Los Angeles, the incumbent fled the party and his supporters have sent out a mailing asking why his opponent, Loraine Lundquist is “hiding her Republican resume?” They have also accused her of having an “extremist political agenda” because of her support for the Green New Deal, solutions to help the homeless and Medicare for All. As noted by the Los Angeles Times: “In the world of independent expenditures, where dirty politics and disinformation are the rule, Lundquist evidently can be both a right-winger and a lefty socialist.

While Lee and his supporters have to manufacture falsehoods to smear his solidly progressive opponent, the LA City Council’s only Republican independent member has plenty of real skeletons in his closet. While serving as his predecessor’s chief of staff he was accused of sexual harassment by a victim who was…



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