Pretending To Be A Public School Employee

Has LAUSD Candidate Marilyn Koziatek realized that an endless parade of scandals has made the “Charter” label toxic with the general public?

Carl J. Petersen
4 min readOct 30, 2020

“I work at Granada Hills High School”

- Marilyn Koziatek

As the charter school industry and their supporters have poured millions of dollars into Los Angeles Unified School District elections, they have wielded significant influence over the school board. As a result, the Charter School Division, which is supposed to provide oversight over the operations of charter schools, is headed by Jose Cole-Gutiérrez, a former staff member of the California Charter School Association. These schools have even been allowed to write their own rules regarding their oversight.

Predictably, scam artists have used this lack of oversight to divert education funding from children to their own pockets. These are just some of the financial scandals that have occurred in Los Angeles charter schools during the last few years:

Charter schools in Los Angeles have also been accused of disregarding their obligation to protect the health and safety of their students:



Carl J. Petersen

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